About Us


Mica Moon:
A Magical Moment

Mica Moon Zip Tours was born out of one of those rare magical moments in life where a decision is made to courageously step out of the familiar and the comfortable and into the thin air of dreams and adventure. Our family had been contemplating the idea of creating a canopy tour on the family property.  After struggling through a difficult life-threatening health issue, Heidi and I decided to take the plunge. Much like a first-time zipliner, we calculated the risk, took a deep breath of courage, and stepped off the edge. And also, much like a first-time zipliner, we have felt a surge of exhilaration as we have soared along. It’s new, it’s both exciting and difficult, and we’re not quite sure what lies ahead, but like that zipliner, we’ll never be the same and we are never looking back!

About Rik and Heidi

MicaMoon Zip Tour OwnersI am excited about sharing our beautiful hidden valley, unique perspectives, a great time and a laugh or two. I am all about people. Friends are something you can never have enough of and I can’t wait to make more with each tour we host. It is my mission to make an indelible impression on every guest, and to see each one smile and stretch to the edge of comfort zones and joy in the journey.

Heidi is the beautiful mother of 8 amazing children. She looks more like their sibling than their mother. Her youthful appearance and contagious laugh are deceiving as she is truly the brains of the operation. Her talents will make every guest feel like the center of the universe. As she runs this business like she does our home, there will be laughter, learning, and good times to be had, as well as the occasional “stink eye.”

Mica Moon Mission

The Mica Moon mission statement is to provide in a professional and unforgettable way an opportunity for residents and visitors to the Spokane area to experience its natural forest treasures from unique perspectives and celebrate their associated wonder, freedom, and growth by stretching personal perspectives and comfort zones. We want our guests to feel that they had a truly amazing time, and in the process, learned as much about themselves as they did the secrets hidden in our backyard wilderness.

With this in mind, we at Mica Moon spent two years and tens of thousands of dollars working with biologists, geologists, arborists, historians, governmental agencies, and experts in experiential learning to create the Mica Moon Zip Tour. We hire only the best guides, and train them in every aspect of their job so that they can maximize our guests' experience.

Our team members have as their only goal, to provide a unique and enjoyable experience from the first contact with Mica Moon to the goodbye at the end of their tour. We want every guest to feel entertained, enlightened, and literally uplifted. All of this to be done in a way that stretches personal comfort zones, while creating confidence that guests are in the careful hands of competent hosts.

Why the name Mica Moon?

Mica Moon Zip Tours gets its name from the premium moonshine that made our mountain famous during the prohibition years. Illicit liquor was crafted at great risk by entrepreneurial moonshiners in hidden mountain camps whose flickering lights could sometimes be glimpsed on clear nights from the Spokane Valley below. Although our Spokane zipline business is completely legit and our guests and guides must be completely free from any chemical influence, we like to believe that the name fits us well. It celebrates the history of our mountain, complete with the intrigue and excitement associated with days gone by.  We like to think that today’s Mica Moon product is the most fun anyone could have while being completely sober. Today’s Mica Moon is a natural high.